estimation and expertise service for works of art and collectors’ items

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Our specialist auctioneers and art experts provide free online estimates for your works of art and collectibles.
Receive within 48 hours an objective, confidential and non-binding estimation, based on the results of auctions of similar paintings. In order to confirm this first estimation, we organize everywhere in France, the free expertise on room of works of art and objects of collections.

Why have an estimation done by GOOD Auction House?

A person may decide to have his or her objects and works appraised or evaluated for several reasons:

  • In the context of an estate
    Call on our experts to carry out an inventory of furniture and works of art in the context of an inheritance in order to facilitate the division of the property.
  • In view of a sale
    Is your antique, heirloom or gift object very valuable? Our experts can advise you on the value of your objects so you can sell them at their fair price.
  • To insure them
    In the event of a claim, the preliminary expertise allows you to communicate the value of your objects to your insurance company and to be compensated as accurately as possible.